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Diet tips for not gain weight during festive season

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  • 25th September, 2022 10:35:14 AM
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Diet tips for not gain weight during festive season

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Festivals are around the corner and no festival is complete without sumptuous food and delicacies. But indulgences in festive foods don’t go without the guilt, the Statesman reported.

Diet Tips:

  • Prepare home food and order from home chefs and home bakeries to keep a check on your oil quantity and quality intake.
  • Plan your day before you go out to a party. Make sure you have your normal meals during the day and do not go to the party on an empty stomach. Have a soup or salad before you head out.
  • Prioritize what you would want to eat. Start with fibers like salads or stir-fry vegetables that will keep you full and going for some time. Next you can have protein, like chicken or fish as your starters.
  • Lastly, go ahead and indulge in a piece of dessert. Don’t waste away your calorie quota over a bowl of peanuts or a couple of chips.
  • Another important point to note is, the next day do not go on a crash diet or detox, rather head out for a workout or chime in a walk to burn those calories you consumed the previous night.
Fitness tips:

1. Move your body every 90 mins

2. Work out for an hour 4-5 times a week

3. Divide your plate into 4 parts – salad, cooked veggies, carbs, and protein

4. Don’t restrict yourself all day and then eat everything you see at night – eat in moderation throughout the day

5. Stick to your routine and eat at the same time daily – if you have a dinner party at 10 and you usually eat a light dinner dinner at 8