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Two jewellery shops looted in Mymensingh

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 24th September, 2022 10:00:50 PM
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Robbers looted gold ornaments and cash from two jewellery shops in Nandail area of Mymensingh district in the early hours of Saturday.

During the looting, they exploded three crude bombs in front of patrol police and fled the place.

Witnesses said a robbery took place in two jewellery shops in Nandail town centre market around 3:00am.

The bandits tied up eight people, including five security guards, and took away cash and gold ornaments worth Tk 20 lakh.

Mizanur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Nandail Model Police Station, said the incident site was visited after receiving the information.

Efforts are underway to arrest those who were involved in the looting incident. However, a case has not been filed in the police station yet, he said.

Rafiqul Islam, owner of Bismillah Jewellers, said, “Robbers entered my shop by cutting the lock of the shutter. They broke the lock of the locker and took away 13 Bhori of gold, 50 Bhori of silver and Tk 4.50 lakh cash.”

“The bandits took everything. They have put me on the road,” he added.

Abdul Matin, owner of Mukta Jewellers, said, “The robbers broke the locker of my shop and took away 4 bhori of gold and about 50 bhori of silver. Goods worth about Tk 4 lakh were looted.”

Fruit trader Anju Mia who witnessed the incident said that robbers also entered his shop, showed him a firearm and took Tk 5,500.

A police officer of Nandail Model Police Station said, “We were going in that direction on regular patrol. At that time, seeing some people with weapons at the scene, I first thought it was a party problem.”

“Later, I want to know what is going on here. When asked, the robbers exploded 3 cocktails in succession. The area became dark. A little later, I saw eight people, including the market security guards, tied hand and foot in a tea shop nearby.”

At that time, they said the robbers tied them up and ran away. Later they were rescued and given first aid at a local hospital.

Earlier on July 20, robbers shot owner of Pradeep Jewellers in the leg and looted 50 bhori of gold in the bus stand area of ​​Bhaluka-Gafargaon road of Mymensingh district.

In that incident, a case was filed against unknown persons at the police station.

Later on July 24, local jewellers formed a human chain, demanding the arrest of the culprits.

Kamal Hossain, officer-in-charge of Bhaluka Police Station, said the case was being investigated by detective police.