Monday, 5 December, 2022

Stopping Panjgur cultural programme is “cultural genocide” of Baloch

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  • 24th September, 2022 05:53:08 PM
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The Secretary General of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Dil Murad Baloch condemned Pakistan for the blockade of the music concert in Panjgur and called it a “Baloch cultural genocide”.

He termed the incident as against tradition and noted that it is enough to justify that Pakistan is pursuing a policy of using religion and armed religious extremists against the Baloch national movement for its nefarious purposes.

“The occupying state is using religion to destroy, distort and erase Baloch culture, traditions and values. This is not the first incident of its kind in Panjgur; there, ISI-bred operatives in the name of Furqan-ul-Islam have attacked schools and tried to stop girls’ education”, said Dil Murad Baloch.

He added that Altaf Sajid Academy was organizing a musical cultural programme on September 24 in Panjgur. In the name of Ulemas, the government machinery and the death squad of the state forces intervened and not only stopped the music concert, but the government proxies also threatened to kill the organizers in a threatening video, calling it an attack on honour.

“If the so-called Islamic scholars talk about Islamic and Baloch traditions, they should first stand up against the brutality of the state of Pakistan. Its forces used to attack houses in broad daylight and abduct women, children, old people and youth. If they become champions and protectors of traditions, they should have reacted to the forced disappearance of Noorjan and the murders of innocent women like Malik Naz. We know they do not respond to these incidents because it hurts their masters,” Says BNM Secretary General.

He further said music and singers are essential in promoting language, traditions and culture. In an environment without information and awareness programmes about the Baloch nation, Baloch civilization and culture are in the media.

Conducting such programmes plays an essential role in cultural development. Stopping such programmes is cultural genocide and part of Pakistan’s policy of genocide in various ways.

Dil Murad said, “We appeal to the real Ulemas to play the role of Ulema-e-Haq against Pakistan for its crimes against humanity, including Baloch genocide, Baloch cultural genocide and instead of being used by Pakistan, be supporters of the Baloch national movement. We warn, if there is no national movement and national culture, it will be equivalent to our national death”. (ANI)