Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Vegetables, eggs prices soar

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 23rd September, 2022 08:50:32 PM
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The price of vegetables and eggs have risen in kitchen market in the capital.

Although there are huge supply of vegetables in the kitchen market, low-income people are struggling to buy vegetable with excess price. Many are seen returning home with a small amount of vegetables.

A dozen of chicken eggs have increased by Tk 10 within a week.

The prices were observed visiting Mirpur Muslim Kacha Bazar, Mirpur-11 Kacha Bazar and Mirpur-6 Kacha bazzar on Friday.

Per dozen chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 145 which was Tk 135 a week ago while per dozen duck eggs are being sold at Tk 165.

In adittion, per kilogram pointed gourd is being sold at Tk 60, bitter gourd Tk 80, ladies fingers Tk 60, long brinjal Tk 70 and round eggplant Tk 80.