Friday, 7 October, 2022

Prices of rice, egg shoot up again

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 17th September, 2022 11:01:59 AM
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The prices of some essential commodities, including rice, egg and vegetables, have increased in kitchen markets of the capital in the last few weeks.

The rising prices of daily essentials are making it difficult for the middle-and low-income people to maintain their expense. The price spiral is dragging many people into poverty.

While visiting Mohammadpur Krishi market in the capital on Friday, this correspondent found that farm egg was sold at Tk 150 per dozen. Its price was Tk 130 a dozen last week.

Egg price increased to Tk 160 per dozen last month, but it fell to Tk 120 per dozen in the first week of September.

The egg market started to unstable again after a break of three to four week, said Ohidul, an egg seller at Mohammadpur.

The purchase price of per piece egg goes to Tk 11.5 to 12 with carrying cost to his shop, he said, adding that egg price has started to rise since Wednesday.

The price of broiler chicken price still remained high at Tk 180 per kg.  The price of sonali chicken was Tk 300 a kg.

Egg price has increased by 8.24 percent in a week, according to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

Sugar price also increased by 3.93 percent in a week and was sold at Tk 90-95 per kg.

The prices of all rice varieties have increased by TK 2-3 per kg in a week in the capital.

The price of coarse rice ‘Shorna’ has increased by Tk 2 per kg and was sold at Tk 50-52 per kg, BR-28 increased by Tk 2 per kg and was sold at Tk 60-62 per kg.

The price of some fine quality rice increased to Tk 70-84 per kg from Tk 65-80 per kg a week earlier.

Some wholesaler at Mohammadpur Krishi Market said rice price has increased by Tk 100-150 per sack (50kg) at miller level while supply of rice also declined.

Mehedy Hasan of Bilchand Rice Agency of the market said millers are not providing adequate rice on demand.

This is the lean months of rice and for this stock of rice has fallen in the country, he said.               The price of earlier variety bean has declined to Tk 120-140 per kg, tomato was sold at Tk 100-130, carrot was sold at Tk 120-130 per kg, brinjal was sold at Tk 50-70 per kg and spiny gourd was Tk 60-70 per kg.

The price of cauliflower increased to Tk 50 per piece from Tk 30-40 per piece, yardlong bean increased to Tk 90 per kg from Tk 70-80 per kg.

Green papaya price has increased to Tk 30 -35 per kg from 20-25 per kg, pointed gourd to Tk 50 per kg from Tk 40 per kg, snake gourd to Tk 60 per kg from Tk 40-50 per kg and bitter gourd to Tk 60-80 per kg.