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Nature gets adorned with autumn rain

Nature gets adorned with autumn rain
Raindrops on an allamanda flower look like pearls. The photo was taken from Bashundhara Residential Area in the capital on Tuesday. — Kamrul Islam Ratan

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Be it kashphul (kans) and sheuliphul (night jasmine), cotton like white cloud, blue and transparent sky or cake made from palm juice, the list of images that reminds Bangalis of autumn is much longer.

But in the recent years, occasional rain has become another regular feature of autumn in Bangladesh, thanks to the depression and low formed in the Bay due to climate change.

There is a certain difference between monsoon and autumn rain. Monsoon rain is relentless and sometimes annoying as it disrupts normal life over a long period of time, while autumn rain pleases people as it comes after scorching heat and lasts for a short period.

Therefore, autumn rain can be a perfect occasion to create great moments of life. After going out and getting completely drenched alone or with their loved ones, it can make them sit at home having hot khichuri with ilish.

It drives creative people to put their pen to paper to express their untold feelings in a poem or unleash their passion and imagination on a canvas with colours reflecting the vivid moods the rains get them into.

Naturalist Mokaram Hossain said, “During autumn rain, everything looks dreamy to the nature lovers. The freshly-washed earth and the glistening green leaf inspire them to deliver their best.”

There is something about the autumn rains that makes people want to break the routine monotony and pull back.

Such moments help them understand the significance of simple pleasures of life such as watching a movie at home, going out for a drive or even sitting beside window sipping tea or coffee, having a chat and enjoying the pitter-patter.

When it rains, there is a huge interplay of nature. When the skies come pouring, it makes all nostalgic.

It takes romantic people on a poetic tour and brings forth long lost memories. The days gone by play on their minds.

Just like the monsoon, autumn has other side of the coin too. Some areas lacking adequate storm drainage in the capital go under water due to day-long drizzling in autumn.

Drivers drive their vehicles slow amid incessant rain. Consequently, commuters, mostly school and office-goers, face severe problems in reaching their destinations due to huge traffic jam triggered by the torrential rain.

Rickshaw pullers and CNG drivers charge passengers extra fare, making the situation intolerable for commuters, while hawkers, vendors and day-labourers pass hard times amid rain which affects business and livelihood.