Wednesday, 5 October, 2022

Police committed to fight against all forms of crime: IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed today said Bangladesh Police is ever committed to fight against all forms crime including the crimes carried out on the digital Platform.
“We are committed to fight against all forms of crime carried out on the digital Platform which is a quintessential component of the modern world,” he told this while talking to BSS.

The IGP said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2009 launched a visionary programme titled ‘Digital Bangladesh’ with a strong focus on developing human resources, connecting citizens, taking the services to the people’s doorstep and ensuring increased productivity through adoption of digital technology in every sector.

In line with the digital Bangladesh initiatives, Bangladesh Police is also on the fast track of digital transformation in its policing and services, he added.

Dr Benazir said that the world has been changing at a pace faster than anticipated due to the development, innovation, adoption and diffusion of technologies. 

He said Bangladesh Police is now taking pride in having different digital services including 999 emergency response support, online police clearance, passport verification and online immigration, crime data management system, e-traffic security system and so on.

“We have proved our capacity in curving terrorism and other emerging threats in the cyber world. We have dedicatedly focused on undertaking practical initiatives with a view to rendering quality services to the citizens and ensuring sustainable peace and security for our national growth in the coming decades and beyond,” the IGP said.

According to the recent advancement of science, technology and economy, the social life over the past few decades has been changed the modus of operandi of crime and criminals. 

Law enforcing agencies in different countries of the world is also shifting their focus from the physical to the cyber world which is still a relatively new phenomenon for many police organizations, Dr Benazir added.

He said understanding of national and global challenges faced in cyber space, analyzing its trend in social media and assessing the current status of digitalisation in policing are very essential for law enforcing agencies to identify their shortcomings and capacity building schemes for assuring proactive response.

“And there are lies the obligation and find out a way forward in the coming days. Particularly, the time has come for us to strengthen collaborative efforts among national and international agencies, stakeholders for tackling all forms of cyber threats and challenges in the days to come,” he said.

In this regard, enhancing the capacity of police personnel, digital development in the field of policing, sharing of experiences and best practices among police experts and academicians are time demanding initiatives that world police leaders need to consider, he added.

Bangladesh police is always committed to work hand in hand with its counterparts for combating digital cybercrime observed in any forms. 

“As a global partner, we always attach the highest importance on building of doctrines and developing training curriculum to enhance the professional knowledge for fighting crime on the digital platform,” the IGP said.