Thursday, 6 October, 2022

Akij Ceramics launches another exclusive showroom at Banglamotor

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  • 13th September, 2022 02:32:09 PM
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Akij Ceramics launches another exclusive showroom at Banglamotor

Akij Ceramics, the number one brand in the ceramic tile industry in Bangladesh, has opened another exclusive showroom at the country’s largest tiles market, Banglamotor.

Consecutively three times best brand award winner Akij Ceramics has proved itself the best in Bangladesh being always one step ahead with newness and quality.

Moreover, this brand’s assuredness of the “Promise of Perfection” has got the most perfect match with clientele in Bangladesh.

As the consequence of being close to the customers, Akij Ceramics has inaugurated an exclusive showroom by the business associate “Yasir Trade Corporation” on Link Road at Banglamotor in Dhaka on Monday.

Mohammad Khourshed Alam, the Director, Sales & Marketing at Akij Ceramics cut the ribbon for inception.

Along with the respective eminent persons from Akij Ceramics and Banglamotor area, the Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing from Akij Ceramics, Mohammed Ashraful Haque, and proprietor of “Yasir Trade Corporation”, Md. Md. Hasan-Ur-Rashid were present also.

Arranging product display with the tiles of exceptional size variations and recent-most designs, this showroom will provide the customers the level best services.

New-fangled furniture and display tools have created the perfect environment to give the best live experience in this 1,530 sq.ft spaced showroom.

It is well mentionable that Akij Ceramics has already initiated more than 100 “State of the Art” level own and business associate showrooms all over Bangladesh.

In terms of the numbers of showroom, Akij Ceramics is also the biggest tile manufacturing and distribution company and brand in Bangladesh.

In the continuation of the journey of flawless support and services, Akij Ceramics has set another footstep by inaugurating this new showroom at Banglamotor.