Workshop held on IPC USA-2015 at BRAC Business School

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5th August, 2015 08:31:50 printer

Workshop held on IPC USA-2015 at BRAC Business School


BRAC Business School (BBS) hosted a workshop on a full-funded training program for the social entrepreneurs titled “International Project Catalyst, USA-2015 (IPC)” on Monday, July 13, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at BRAC University GDLN Conference Room. Organized jointly by the BRAC Business School (BBS) and “It’s Humanity Foundation”, the interactive session was designed to explore the unique opportunity to attend the IPC program to be held in Seattle, Washington, USA and sponsored by the organized by Jolkona Foundation of Seattle, USA and sponsored & hosted by the US department of State.


BRAC Business School (BBS) always believes in exploring opportunities that help the teachers, researchers and students improve their skills, enhance their hands-on experience and enrich their networks. The key objectives of this workshop were to encourage the active social entrepreneurs towards exploring the extra-ordinary platform in order to better drive the social change in their respective contexts and to provide full-fledged assistance to them in applying for the IPC Program.


The program was being spearheaded by Ms. Nusrat Hafiz, Lecturer and Event Coordinator of BRAC Business School, who was also the speaker in the program. Mr. Md. Adnan Hossain, Founder & CEO of “It’s Humanity Foundation”, was the guest speaker.  The enthusiast social entrepreneurs from the audience were connected with the executive director of Jolkona  Monica Mendoza  and program manager Katie Randon over Skype to explore opportunity with the IPC. As the workshop was very experiential yet effective, the audiences had expressed a great deal of admiration about the initiative taken by BRAC Business School (BBS).