Friday, 7 October, 2022

Walton TV expands its brand business to Georgia

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  • 12th September, 2022 07:34:16 PM
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Bangladesh's multinational electronics giant Walton expanded its brand business in the market of Eastern European country 'Georgia' through exporting Smart TV under its own brand name.

Through the market expansion of its TV export in Georgia, Walton achieved another milestone towards its vision to become a top global consumers electronics brands.

The Bangladesh's leading TV exporter hoped that starting TV export to Georgia will pave the way of expanding Walton TV's brand business in the other Eastern European countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Samin Yasar, market in charge of Walton Global Business Division (JBD) in Georgia, said, this year, a famous Georgian electronics marketing company has partnered with Walton to distribute the Bangladeshi top brand televisions in the market of Georgia. In this year's June, the Georgian company received the first shipment of Walton brand TV export. They are marketing Walton TV in the Georgian market.

Yasar informed that Walton TVs are now available in the Georgia's e-commerce platforms, including; and, and also in some sales outlets in City Mall Saburtalo, Kavtaradze Street 1; East Point Tvaltchrelidze Street 3; Gldni, Khizanisvili 13; Rustavi Mall; Megaline, Agladze Street 15.

He added, Walton TVs are receiving good customer response in the Georgia market. And so, the second shipment of Walton TV will be sent to Georgia very soon.

Syed Al Imran, vice-president of Walton Global Business Division for Europe, said, Walton started TV export to the European market in 2019 under the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and its own brand logo. Since then, Walton has been successfully expanded its TV export market to around 16 countries of the Western and the Central Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Romania.

In this year June, Imran added, Walton started TV export under its own brand logo to the Eastern European country 'Georgia'. He is optimistic that the Georgian market will pave the way of expanding Walton TV export business in the other Eastern European countries like Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Engineer Mostafa Nahid Hossain, chief business officer of Walton TV, said, "In the Bangladesh largest Walton TV manufacturing plant, multilayer quality control system is being installed. Also, they have a strong research and innovation (R&I) team who are manufacturing LED and smart TV with advanced features using European standard technologies. So, the 'Made in Bangladesh' tagged Walton TV in a very short period of time are gaining the loyalty of global customers, especially receiving sound responses in the European market.

He noted that Walton's mission is become one of the best five TV manufacturing companies in the world. And thus, they are moving ahead with the plan of market expansion of Walton TV's export in the countries of five continental regions by 2023.

Walton is now exporting 'Made in Bangladesh' labelled TV to more than 35 countries through its hundreds of global business partners. The European market holds almost 95 percent of the total exports of Walton TV.