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Increase Convenience with Digital Tourism

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  • 24th August, 2022 12:00:16 AM
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Increase Convenience with Digital Tourism

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As the number of reports of covid drop to a record low in months, tourism is now more booming than ever. Everyone is embracing the chance to enjoy life to the fullest now that there are little to no limitations for travel. No matter the time of year, peak tourist destinations both domestically and internationally are experiencing a surge in travelers.

The top holiday destinations right now are Maldives, Turkey, Nepal, India, and Thailand. A great option to enjoy the holidays is by going on a tour to the country of the Himalayas or the land of the Hagia Sophia. There isn't really a designated tourist season in Turkey, and it is generally sunny. It is a country of many undiscovered treasures. It’s a common mistake to only visit one Turkish city because places like Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, etc., each have their own special attractions. Instead of choosing a tour package that only covers specific locations, it's usually a smart idea to tailor tours to optimize the travel experience.

The same holds true for Nepal or Thailand. Whether it's the vibrant culture of Bangkok or the priceless natural beauties of Phi Phi Island—Thailand offers a variety of attractions to amaze visitors. The majestic Himalayas are Nepal's most notable natural feature, although Pokhara, Nagarkot, Lalitpur, and other cities are also blessed with stunning landscapes. The possibility to personalize a tour package with GoZayaan's new offerings may be a smart answer to this problem. Although the platform offers numerous excursions to these locations with set itineraries, there is always the option to personalize. When it comes to flights, hotels, or tours, GoZayaan has it all. The platform currently offers a huge selection of hotels located throughout the world. This reduces the need to bring extra cash while traveling abroad solely for hotel reservations. Before even arriving at their location, travelers can easily make their payment in Bangladeshi currency at the comfort of their own homes.

Budget is the main challenge in any travel planning. Turkey and the Maldives are more expensive whereas India and Nepal are still fairly reasonable, even for youngsters and budget travelers. However, many people still opt to postpone their vacation aspirations owing to financial limitations. GoZayaan started their 0% EMI solution in order to address this issue. The EMI facility is a useful tool for cutting the cost of travel. This is offered for both domestic and foreign travel, hotel, and tours. With the addition of foreign hotels, it is now possible to reserve hotels abroad and pay in installments down the road. There is no requirement for any international credit cards; everything is doable with local credit cards. Additionally, GoZayaan is the only online travel agency offering 0% EMI options for flights.

Regardless of preferences, travel is for everyone. Travelers could enjoy the chaos of the city or the tranquility of nature, challenging hikes or leisurely beach days. Whatever the traveler's taste, this is the ideal time to continue limitless travel.