Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Rivers in Savar under grip of polluters, grabbers

  • Mehedi Hasan from Savar
  • 13th August, 2022 02:42:24 PM
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Rivers in Savar under grip of polluters, grabbers

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The High Court declared rivers in the country legal persons to stop encroaching upon the water bodies and polluting those.

On January 30, 2019, the High Court granted status of a ‘legal person’ to the rivers in the country.

The court passed such ruling disposing off a writ petition which was filed challenging illegal structures in the Turag riverbanks.

But such order of HC fell upon a total of 450 rivers across the country.

Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB) filed the writ on November 9, 2016 obtaining the HC’s directive to BIWTA and other authorities to take steps within 48 hours.

The HC empowered National River Conservation Commission to do the needfuls to execute its order to save rivers from grabbing and polluting.

Recently, officials of National River Conservation Commission visited Savar area and detected 185 spots of polluting rivers.

Dr Manjur Ahmed Chowdhury, Chairman of National River Conservation Commission, said “Most of the rivers in Savar are dead. Waiting for enactment of any law is not possible. We have to work together to protect the rivers.”