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Drug peddling, human trafficking in Naf River: Token business using name of Myanmar border guard

  • Teknaf Correspondent
  • 12th August, 2022 06:41:53 PM
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Drug peddling, human trafficking in Naf River: Token business using name of Myanmar border guard

Although there is a government ban on fishing in the Naf River, several groups are catching fish by throwing nets at different places.

In the wake of the situation, ordinary fishermen on the river side cannot catch fish. But boats, small boats and fishing nets are rampant in the river in Kayukkhali canal, 1st sluice gate of Jaliya Para, Shahpori Island in Sabrang Union.

After investigation, it is known that Chhayed Alam son of Ruhul Amin of Teknaf town area, Emdad Hossain son of Ali Hossain, Chhayed Alam of Jaliya Para of Shahpori Island, Abul Kalam and several syndicates are putting boats in Naf River. Many locals complain that the groups go to Myanmar to do drug and human trafficking business instead of fishing. Not only that, token system has been introduced to avoid administrative harassment.

Monthly tokens are being provided to Coast Guard, BGB, Naval Police on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar BGP so that they do not disturb. To get these tokens, one has to pay 9 to 12 thousand taka for each boat.

Token used by the syndicate.

The investigation also revealed that since August 25, 2017, millions of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh after being subjected to torture from Myanmar. Meanwhile, in order to prevent illegal infiltration and drug trafficking, the Bangladesh government banned fishing in the Naf River in September. Since then, fishing has been stopped, though thousands of fishermen and their families along the river are suffering extremely. But, several syndicates recently have launched fishing by boats in Naf River.

Now the question is swirling everywhere how this is going on. Who will rein in their illegal work? Bangladesh Coast Guard Teknaf Station Commander Lt. Commander Ashiq Ahmed (Taz) BN said, "No one will be allowed to do anything against the government order in Naf River. Maybe some unscrupulous quarters are trying to carry out the activities along the coast including Naf River by taking advantage of the disastrous weather. He also said that the Coast Guard is alert to take appropriate action in this regard.