Friday, 30 September, 2022

Quader slams BNP for occupy-the-street threat

Quader slams BNP for occupy-the-street threat

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday said that  BNP seeks to turn the country into a failed state through planned apolitical approach.

Quader said this  during a briefing at his residence this morning.

Regarding opposition BNP leaders order to their workers to occupy the streets, the Awami League leader said that roads are not the ancestral property of anyone and the streets belong to  the people. So like in the past, if chaos is created again in the name of occupying the roads,  the people will give a befitting reply.

Stating that the Awami League will soon be seen on the streets, Quader said that BNP's  shouting is just a tactic of hiding their failures.

He said that BNP wants to return to power  to create opportunity for looting public wealth again and to block the immense potential of the country by creating Hawa Bhaban. The people will never give them that opportunity again, he said.

The Awami League leader said that as the most failed opposition party in the history of this country, BNP itself wants to turn the country into a failed state.

As a political party BNP has no trust in the people, claimed the general secretary of Awami League. He said BNP's political backbone is very fragile.

He said BNP wants to come to power but is afraid to go to elections.

BNP secretary general  after being electef as an MP did not go to the Parliament. Instead he sent others from the party to the House, Quader said.  

The AL general secretary advised the BNP leaders to forget about caretaker government, which he said is a settled issue and there is no chance for restoration of the system. 

Quader mentioned that preparations for the upcoming national elections will be a wise move for BNP. 

He said that there is no use in daydreaming about resignation of the government and dissolution of parliament.