Friday, 7 October, 2022

Indo-Bangla prose book launched globally

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  • 11th August, 2022 05:26:55 PM
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‘The Myriad of Meanings in Literary Culture Studies’ is an Indo-Bangla prose collection of Literary and Cultural studies contributed by 19 authors from Bangladesh and India.

United States-based Lulu Press Inc and Blank Voices Bangladesh jointly published the book in partnership with Barnes and Noble and Amazon Books.

However, from August 2022, distribution in Bangladeshi bookstores is about to begin, said a press release on Thursday.

One of the editors Avik Gangopadhyay, who is an Indian author, academic, and critic, said, ‘Literary and Cultural Studies gives one access to historical and emergent traditions of literature, culture, and thought.’

‘The Myriad of Meanings in Literary Culture Studies’ is interdisciplinary and sometimes anti-disciplinary approach to studying culture, particularly in its broadly-conceived and complex array of signifying practices,’ he added.

He also said that the minds of the neighboring countries, India and Bangladesh met to explore complex relationship, rather erase conflict between literary and cultural studies.

Literary studies are not committed to a conception of the literary object that cultural studies must repudiate.
‘Cultural studies arose as the application of techniques of literary analysis to other cultural materials,’ concludes Avik.

The Neotia University, Kolkata, India, English assistant professor Koel Mitra expresses, ‘The Myriad of Meanings experiences a great international resonance. This innovative academic approach penetrates various social and political layers, addressing numerous challenges of realities from both times—past and present.’

Moreover, she asserted that the authors of this collection are concerned with questions of power and often strived to engage in analysis or theory that would contribute to the counter-hegemonic struggle.

‘Through critical interpretation, dialogue and conjecture, readers could easily trace the language mediated through texts, arranging and allowing different ways of knowing and living,’ believes Koel.

Notre Dame University Bangladesh assistant professor Ahmed Tahsin Shams said, ‘Since culture is now considered as the source of art and literature, cultural criticism has gained ground.’

Therefore, Raymond Williams’ term ‘cultural materialism’, Stephen Greenblatt’s ‘cultural poetics’ and Bakhtin’s term ‘cultural prosaic’ have found significant reverberation in this book on cultural criticism, reveals Shams, a visiting scholar at University of Notre Dame, USA.

Swadesh Shoilee, its Bangladeshi book distribution partner, confirms the book’s availability in Bangladesh from August 2022 in Rokomari, Pathak Shamabesh, Batighar, and many other bookstores and libraries, the release added.

Also, for the international readers, the book can be found in Amazon and Lulu press.