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BAJUS President Anvir for stepping up drives against gold smugglers

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  • 11th August, 2022 02:46:31 PM
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BAJUS President Anvir for stepping up drives against gold smugglers

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Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association (BAJUS) President Sayem Sobhan Anvir laid emphasis on multiplied drives against gold smugglers to stop money laundering, protect jewellery sector and country’s economy.

Triggered by the warfare between Russia and Ukraine, the dollar has hit all time high in the kerb market plunging jewellery sector into deep crisis.

Regarding gold-smuggling and money laundering as interrelated, he said several rackets are behind manipulating gold and dollar markets and laundering money.

In a statement issued on Thursday, BAJUS President said “There is deep conviction that gold smuggling has something to do with money laundering. Dollar crisis is the byproduct of the previous two offences,” he said.

He said the customs officials and members of law enforcement agencies should step up drives to bring all gold smugglers to justice.

“The law enforcers play commendable role in maintaining law and order in the country. They are working relentlessly to create congenial atmosphere for trade and commerce in the country,” he said in appreciation of efforts of law enforcers.

About positive implication of drives, he said the revenue earning of the government has boosted due to drives against the smugglers.

 Sayem Sobhan Anvir said “I call upon the government authorities concerned to issue directives to the officials of the relevant organisations to take adequate measures and beef up drives to end gold smuggling to and from the country. In addition, I request for 25 percent of seized gold to be granted to the drive-conducting officials. The proposal of the BAJUS is purported to encourage officials to launch more drives and bring gold smuggling to zero level. Having implemented, the proposal will pave the way for intensifying anti-smuggling drives and saving foreign currencies.”