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No scope for ignoring any disease

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  • 8th August, 2022 11:08:34 PM
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No scope for ignoring any disease

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Dr Vishal Peshattiwar, Head of Spine Surgery Department at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH) in Mumbai, said he conducts all kinds of surgeries of spine problem.

Talking to the daily Sun, he said people of all age groups may be diagnosed with spinal problem.

An adult can develop the spinal cord problem any point of his/her life while a newborn may be diagnosed with “spina bifida” for not forming spinal cord properly.

Ensuring good treatment, he said Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital provides the patients with instant treatment and quick recovery.

As many patients hail from Bangladesh and other countries, Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital takes step to arrange surgery on the day of arrival of patients.

In some cases, the patients can walk the day of operation which is conducted applying modern and sophisticated technology.

Meanwhile, Dr Sanjay Pandey, Head of the Department of Andrology & Reconstructive Urology at the same hospital, said Kokilaben has become famous within short time for providing excellent treatment to the patients.

This hospital established specialized wing for treating kidney and urological ailments of people, he said adding that there is age limit to these diseases.

Many women aged 40 to 70 cannot control the pressure of urine. They ignore the problem and use diaper. This problem can be cured by proper treatment which is available in Kokilaben Hospital.

The two physicians stressed public awareness and timely consultation with physicians to get rid of major deterioration.

They further suggested people not to ignore any spinal, urinal and other problems.

The people willing to receive treatment in Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital are requested to email test reports at [email protected]