Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Students stage protest against fuel price hike at Nilkhet

Students stage protest against fuel price hike at Nilkhet

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Students from various educational institutions staged demonstrations in the capital’s Nilkhet intersection on Monday protesting the latest hike in fuel prices.

The students demanded lowering the prices of fuel to their previous rates within 48 hours, cancelling the decision of raising the fares of public transports, and ensuring half fare for students in public transports.

The prices of fuel were increased abruptly on Friday night following which the fares of public transports also shot up.

Ismail Samrat, Chief Coordinator of the Seven College Movement, said, “Anarchy is going on in the name of fares in the public transport sector.  It must be stopped.  Commuters have to pay two to three times more than the previously fixed fare due to the unbearable condition created by the transport owners."

After the programme, the protesting students went to Modhur Canteen to join another program called by the left leaning alliances to protest against police attack on their procession against fuel price hike on Sunday.