Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Preparing youth for digital Bangladesh

  • Sun Editorial
  • 6th August, 2022 04:08:27 PM
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The government’s decision to prioritise ICT-based education and research as part of its endeavour to modernise the education system is a step in the right direction. Since Bangladesh is rapidly advancing towards digitisation, there is no alternative to preparing the youth for the digital world, otherwise how would they support the nation’s digital vision? The growth in the ICT sector hinges on human resource development. Therefore, we welcome the skill-based new education system.

In this regard, a Daily Sun report informs that the government will set up 1,000 science labs, train 16,300 teachers, set up 2,607 multimedia classrooms and build 200 language-cum-ICT labs. In a country with a population as large as ours, with the majority of citizens being young, harnessing the young people with necessary education and skills is a huge challenge.

Against this backdrop, the government is charting out a radically new education system based on ICT and technical education. It can be a catalyst that will not only better prepare the youths for the future but will also propel the economy to higher growth. But success of this initiative, to some extent, lies in changing the mindset of young learners and their parents. They need to be persuaded that learning is more important than pursuing education with minimal learning.

For example, the number of GPA-5 winners has been increasing by leaps and bounds every year since 2004; but one thing we cannot explain is why most of these brilliant students fail to pass university admission tests. The question is whether our students have got brighter or our system has got dimmer. Those who are running our education system should be able to explain this phenomenon.

Besides, a majority of the students pursue undergraduate degrees in arts, science or commerce; and subsequently, they want to do a desk job but opportunities of which are limited. It is one of the reasons behind the large number of unemployed graduates in the country. This is why investing in ICT-based education and technical education is so important.