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Praiseworthy agro-input distribution

  • Sun Editorial
  • 1st August, 2022 04:01:11 PM
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Praiseworthy agro-input distribution

Following the recent devastating floods in the country’s 17 districts, the Ministry of Agriculture has distributed crop inputs, particularly seeds and fertilisers, worth Tk 11 crore among 1.85 lakh farmers to recoup the disaster losses. Paddy is the worst affected among all other crops leading to peasants’ colossal losses. According to a report published on the Business Page of this newspaper yesterday, seeds and fertilisers were provided to the growers for sowing crops for free. It is undoubtedly a good initiative on the part of the government which has prioritised free distribution of the necessary inputs among the calamity-hit growers.

The deluge has inundated seedbeds, causing financial damages of crores of taka. Always, there has been a crying need for seeds and fertilisers after each and every disaster when the cultivators restart their pursuit of cultivation anew. Usually, peasants become penniless after floods. In this situation, they cannot afford to buy essential agricultural inputs. The government instantly came to their rescue. So, it deserves thanks from all quarters for its timely action! However, it is imperative that the inputs are distributed seamlessly. During the post-flood period, the sufferings of farmers multiply. So, the authorities concerned should actively consider waiving agricultural loans of the flood-affected growers, if any.

Moreover, floods have completely or partially damaged many thatched and semi-pucca houses in the affected districts. Floodwaters swept away cattle and poultry worth crores of taka. Many roads, bridges and culverts as well as embankments have also been damaged. So, the government should take up short and long-term programmes to rebuild the damaged structures and mitigate the woes of the sufferers. There is another issue that should be brought to the attention of the authorities concerned. It is that the marginalised farmers are suffering a lot in many other districts because of the ongoing drought over there. As per press reports, peasants are unable to ret jute due to a shortage of water in ponds and water bodies. In the long run, they will face huge losses due to this phenomenon. So, the government should immediately come up with a time-befitting initiative for the protection of marginalised growers of drought-hit areas.

Source: Sun Editorial