Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Untold excitement of parachute flying over Kuakata beach

  • Patuakhali Correspondent
  • 1st August, 2022 01:17:51 AM
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Untold excitement of parachute flying over Kuakata beach

Hundreds of visitors were glad to see parachute flying in the sky of panoramic sea beach at Kuakata in Patuakhali.

Liton Khan, a local tour operator, launched the parachute on an experimental basis Sunday evening. He vowed to develop it commercially after getting approval from the concerned authorities.

Parachute is used for jumping from aircraft as a tool of safety notwithstanding its unique application in the sea beach for entertaining visitors and spectators.

People wanted to fly on the parachute to take a bird’s eye view but they could not fulfill the dream for lack of permission from the administration. 

Mehraz Miah, a visitor from Karwan Bazar of Dhaka, said “Sitting on a bench, I suddenly saw a bird-like object flying in the sky. I rushed to the spot and found a person parasailing with the help of a speedboat. I also wanted to fly but could not. I came to know that it was an experimental flying.”

He claimed to have enjoyed a lot by seeing parasailing from a close distance.

Kuakata Beach Tourism owner Liton Khan said “We parasailed on an experiment. The tourists could not be entertained for lack of permission. We have applied to the administration and bought a speedboat and water bike for the purpose. It is expected that permission from the authorities will be available soon.”

Ruman Imtiaj, president of Tour Operators Association of Kuakata (TOAK), said the Padma Bridge  has facilitated growing number of visitors who expect Cox’s Bazar like environment in Kuakata. So, parasailing and scooter are needed.”