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Benefits of Social Media detox

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  • 27th July, 2022 05:35:46 PM
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Benefits of Social Media detox

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In today’s world, we cannot imagine our lives without social media. For most people, it has become an integral part of their lives. The use of social media has surpassed the level of addiction and it is affecting physical and mental health of the users, The Statesman reported.

What is Social Media Detoxing

To avoid the harmful impact of social media on health and overall lifestyle, ‘social media detox’ refers to refraining the use of social media for a period of time.

First-off: Privacy

The very first thing you experience, when you begin being away from using social media, is privacy. The social media people no longer know what is happening in your life and thus, there is less ‘poking’.

It will help you with anxiety

Another thing that you notice, while staying away from social media is that it helps you with your anxiety. Excess of information causes the brain to draw conclusions and overthink.

It will help you overcome your obsession with the past

If you have made some ‘not so proud’ choices in the past, social media will keep Once you stay away from social media, you would feel ‘anewed’ and can make an easy fresh start.

You will become more organized

Social media addiction leads to other unhealthy choices in your life. performing detox, you tend to become more organized and perform the same tasks more efficiently.

You will stop trying to achieve everything

You keep browsing about what’s going on with people in their lives. This comparison leads to an unavoidable urge to achieve so many things, within a limited period of time. The detox would help you overcome this feeling and you would stop thinking less of yourself.

Focus on the moment

You do not have old memories instigating you or your friend’s achievements to urge you to plan your future accordingly. You are able to focus on the present moment and enjoy a blissfully healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.