Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

No kitchen markets to be allowed at undesignated places in capital :Tazul

LGRD Minister Tazul Islam has said wholesale and retail kitchen markets should be set up at places designated  by the government to reduce traffic jam and public hassles.

“Action will be taken against those who will set up shops occupying roads that hampers people’s movement,” he said.

He said this on Thursday after visiting Gabtoli kitchen market aiming to relocate Karwan Bazar there.

“Karwan Bazar was established long ago and goods from this market are distributed in retail markets of the city. Traders coming from different parts of the country struggle to reach here while distribution also becomes a struggle due to traffic jam. So we have started working on how Karwan Bazar can be shifted to a different suitable point of Dhaka,” he said.

He said wholesale and retail kitchen markets should not set up at the same place in densely populated areas and it is better if wholesale kitchen markets can be shifted outside the city.

“The mayors and councilors will decide how many markets are needed in an area instead of establishing wholesale and retail kitchen markets everywhere. If new markets are needed it will be done identifying the suitable spots,” the minister  said.

“It’s not logical to establish a three-storied building for kitchen market but at Gabtoli it is being made to sell other products like electronics goods in the upper floors. Our main aim is to build a planned and beautiful Dhaka,”he added