Friday, 19 August, 2022

Save electricity, reduce energy waste: Walton CEO’s directives to colleagues

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC's Managing Director and CEO Golam Murshed has directed his colleagues to be energy efficient and prevent all kinds of energy wastage.

The Walton CEO came up with the directives amid the various decisions made by the government to reduce the electricity consumption to cop up with the electricity deficit during the current global crisis.

Note that the price of fuel has been increased in a large scale in the global market due to the geopolitical crisis, causing a huge power and energy shortage across the world. Bangladesh government has taken various steps including area-based load shedding, suspension of production in diesel-run power plants, urging the public to save electricity and so on to overcome the crisis.

In a bid to response the government’s call, Walton CEO gave those instructions and took necessary steps for saving energy at its all offices, sales outlets and service centers across the country along with all production plants at its headquarters.

He said that being the country's top electronics and technology product manufacturer and exporter, Walton is expressing its solidarity with the government’s decision to save energy to face the global crisis. We have already taken necessary steps to save electricity and energy and instructions have been given to all of our concern departments and officials.

He also said: I call upon everyone of the Walton family to be aware of saving electricity and energy everywhere including their homes and social events. Our awareness regarding electricity usage only can bring relief to other families during these hard times.

In terms of producing eco-friendly power efficient electronics products, Walton is a very-admired name around the world. It uses environment friendly R-600a, R-410a, and R-32 refrigerants to produce refrigerators and ACs with extensive power saving inverter technology, receiving BSTI's highest energy efficiency rating. Walton’s Research and Innovation center is doing constant research to increase the power saving capacity of electronics products with technological changes over time.

Walton is also working with the 'Better Bangladesh Tomorrow' initiative to ensure a developed Bangladesh for the next generation with protection of the environment and achieving the UN-designed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).