Friday, 19 August, 2022

Regional Cricket Association finally gets shape

Regional Cricket Association, the much-anticipated project, finally got a shape as the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) brought necessary amendments to the constitution to materialise it.

The amendment constitution to form a Regional Cricket Association was brought today in the BCB Annual General Meeting (AGM), where the councilors approved it gladly.

In 2013, Nazmul Hasan Papon first announced the launch of a regional cricket structure after he became the first elected president of the BCB.

But the much-talked about the project, which many believed that help Bangladesh to find cricketers from grassroots level at regular interval, didn't see the light during his first four-year term.

In his second term also, the BCB president couldn't form it. Nazmul Hasan Papon was elected BCB president for the third term in 2021 and again vowed to emphasise on Regional Cricket Association.

Going by his words, Papon started the process of materialising it in the first year of his third term.

"Constitutional amendments were presented by us, all of them unanimously passed it in the AGM," a visibly elated BCB president said after the AGM.

"One of the constitutional amendments was for the Regional Cricket Association, which was placed today. There is no longer any obstacle to form it."

While BCB president didn't speak on it elaborately, BCB's media and communications committee chairman Tanvir Ahmed Titu said that the regional cricket organisation will have seven divisions.

Mymensingh division will be with Dhaka and the committee will be of two types-- big divisions in which the number of districts is more will have 17 members and in small division in which the number of districts is less there will be 11 members.

"Who will be in the committee? What will be the work of the committee has not been finalised yet," Titu added.

"Till the formation of Regional Cricket Association, the divisional sports organisations will perform this responsibility. We will give a complete form and guidelines for the regional cricket organisation as soon as possible," Titu disclosed.