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Walton CEO visits ACC Production plant in Italy, exchanges Eid greetings with colleagues

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  • 13th July, 2022 05:14:21 PM
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Walton CEO visits ACC Production plant in Italy, exchanges Eid greetings with colleagues
Walton Hi-Tech's MD and CEO Golam Murshed, Director Tahmina Afrose Tanna and other top officials at the ACC production plant in Italy.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC's Managing Director and CEO Golam Murshed has visited the production plant of ACC in Italy. He also exchanged greetings with colleagues on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest festivals of Muslims.

The Walton CEO also observed the progress of dismantling work of ACC production plant and the technical training of engineers and technicians along with giving them necessary directives. The Walton employees, who are now in Italy, were very much delighted to have their CEO among them during Eid festival.

Mentionable, ACC is a renowned European electronics brand. Walton Hi-Tech Industries PCL has recently acquired the rights of more than 50 years long-established European brands ACC, Zanussi Elettromeccanica (ZEM) and Verdichter (VOE) along with their trademark in 57 countries, all R&D intellectual properties (patents, design and software licenses) and a fully automated inverter and non-inverter compatible compressor plant.

The dismantling work of the production plant of ACC along with all kinds of machineries and bringing them to Bangladesh from Italy is going on in full swing. A team of more than hundred Bangladeshi engineers and technicians are now in Italy to perform the work successfully and having necessary technical training. The Walton CEO rushed to them to encourage them as they are away from family during the Eid festival.

Walton Hi-Tech's director Tahmina Afrose Tanna, ACC's R&D Director Raul Bosco Jr., Supply Chain Head Daniela Pierborn, Quality Director Luca Dalla Sega, HR Director Fedricha Magnoler, Walton Hi-Tech's DMD Alamgir Alam Sarker, Walton Compressor CBO Rabiul Alam Rajib, Executive Director of Compressor R&I Meer Muzahedin Islam were among others present during the visit. 

Walton CEO Golam Murshed said: People usually celebrate Eid with their families and spend the vacation with them. Those who work at Walton are members of this family. Some members of the Walton family are working relentlessly in Italy far away from their dear ones in Bangladesh. I am extremely delighted to exchange Eid greetings with them and share the joy the festival.

He said the work of dismantling of ACC's compressor production plant is in full swing. At the same time, a group of young Bangladeshi engineers and technicians from Walton are undergoing training in Italy. The overall progress of this work is about 60 percent. This state-of-the-art compressor production plant of ACC is being dismantled in Italy and will be brought to Bangladesh with all machineries and set up here. This move will open a new era in Bangladesh in the manufacturing industry of the most energy efficient compressors with advanced technology.

According to the relevant sources, Walton acquired the rights of the three European brands along with all machineries and intellectual property mainly to provide Bangladeshi customers the products of international brands and targeting the global market. This move will let Bangladeshi buyers have premium quality products and the 'Made in Bangladesh' tagged electronics products will get more acceptances in the global market. This will also play an important role in the overall economic progress of the country.