Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Russia on the frontline of building a new world — Venezuelan top diplomat

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  • 7th July, 2022 10:05:53 PM
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Russia is on the frontline of efforts to create a new world order and resist the expansion of NATO, Foreign Minister Carlos Faria has said, reports TASS. 

"The US dominance is no longer an absolute one. A new world is being born, and Russia is on the frontline of this struggle. Today this is reflected in Russia’s special military operation to contain the expansion of NATO and counter its reckless policies that endanger Russia’s security and European peace by encouraging the neo-Nazi government in Kiev and its policy of genocide," he said on Tuesday.

"Russia and its President Vladimir Putin are conducting this struggle in the name of humanity, against the terroristic and hostile alliance known as NATO," Faria added.

In his words, Caracas favors a world of peace, security and cooperation that respects the right for self-determination.

"In order to achieve those goals, we will work together with the Russian Federation and all nations and governments that share those principles. It is an urgent matter and it must be resolved before the imperialistic aspirations of the United States put humanity in even greater danger," the diplomat said.