Friday, 12 August, 2022

" Ratsasan aka Noropishach" starring Vishnu Vishal & Amala Paul set to give goosebumps

Inspired by a true story & serial killer ‘Siberian Ripper’ coming this Friday July 8

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  • 7th July, 2022 04:58:45 PM
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Inspired by a true story & serial killer ‘Siberian Ripper’ coming this Friday July 8

Have you heard of Jack the Ripper, England's infamous serial killer who ran on a killing spree overnight? Then you may have heard of Russia's serial killer No.1, the "Siberian Ripper" too.

Bongo's movie of the month is "Ratsasan" aka Bangla Dubbed "Noropishach" - a South Indian blockbuster psychodrama thriller from 2018 starring Vishnu Vishal & Amala Paul and based on a true serial killer story. Don't miss this movie of the week coming this Friday July 8, 2022; if you are a fan of the scary, thrill & chill, and shivers down your spine! Awestruck for all dark film fans 100% guaranteed!

The story is about passionate film director Arun Kumar. Constant rejections in his attempt to pursue a career in filmmaking, and his family constraints, force Arun to let go of his dream and take up a job as a police sub-inspector.

While adjusting to his new job role, the city becomes agitated by the news of a brutal serial killer targeting young high school girls. Using his skills as a screenwriter and putting himself in the killer's mind, Arun links the clues that direct him to the mass murderer. However, the inspector in charge, Lakkhi, doesn't believe in Arun’s unorthodox methods and profiler skills. But when the police unit is struck by personal loss caused by the serial killer, the police chief Kamol desperately appoints Arun to find the criminal.

The storyline for the dark psycho thriller, directed by Ram Kumar, was developed over four years. A lot of research on serial killers was implemented into the plot. Especially the story of the Russian "Siberian Ripper" Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev who brutally killed more than 15 children inspired Kumar to realize "Ratsasan aka Noropishach".

The film starring Amala Paul & Vishnu Vishal was released on 5 October 2018. It received critical acclaim from the audience, and became a big commercial success.

Besides the thrill, the movie also offers obligatory romance. The Heroine is Amala Paul who plays the character of Bithi, a teacher which Arun is smitten by. The music by Ghibran is notable too. The romantic parts are nicely blended while the spooky, almost wall-to-wall score actually amps up the tension and lends an edge-of-the-seat vibe to the story.

About this movie of the month, Bongo's Head of Licensing and Distribution, Karoline Hoeppner, said, "Our movie Ratsasan (Bangla dubbed "Noropishach") is not for the faint- hearted. The director doesn’t hold back when it comes to violence and the music and editing emphasizes the violence even more. So much so that it is promised to catapult our audience to the edge-of-your-seats. We hope our audience will love the thrill of this movie and check out our other South Indian Blockbuster movies too."

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