Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

DMP directives to check helter-skelter Eid passenger picking

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  • 4th July, 2022 08:24:08 PM
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Marking the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, many people are going to village homes. Meanwhile, a good number of people planned to leave Dhaka. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) issued 12 directives to facilitate the Eid journey.       

Directives are as follows:

1. Passengers cannot be taken keeping or stopping bus inside of long-route and inter-district bus terminals in the capital or roads outside of the terminal. Passengers can enter the bus and take their seats when the bus will be parked inside the terminal. Representatives of the concerned bus will monitor the matter.   

2. Buses will not give stoppage on the main roads adjacent to the inter and long-route bus terminals in Dhaka city.  

3. In the entry and exit points of Dhaka city, mass transports will follow discipline to avoid unnecessary traffic jam.   

4. Long-route buses departing from Dhaka city will not carry additional passengers and goods.

5. Passengers of long route buses will have to stay inside the terminal instead of waiting or standing on the main roads.   

6. Buses cannot leave Dhaka city for long destinations without having route permit for the same.

7. Passengers are requested not to eat anything from unknown persons inside the bus.

8. Passengers concerned will keep ticket with them during travelling

9. Passengers will keep their belongings carefully  

10. No vehicle will carry additional passengers on the rooftop.

11. In terms of taking passengers, bus drivers will not take part any uneven competition, which may result in disorder and loss of lives  

12. Transport drivers and passengers will have to follow health rules properly as the Covid-19 infection is on the rise.

The traffic division of the DMP has asked people to make call at traffic control room (no-01711-000990)  or national emergency service- 999, if needed.