Monday, 8 August, 2022

Govt attaches highest priority to check inflation in budget: PM tells JS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said her government has attached the topmost priority on controlling the inflation rate in the budget against the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war and disruption of supply chain.

Taking part in the discussion on the national budget for 2022-23 fiscal in the 18th session of the 11th parliament, she also asked all show austerity and make savings to get themselves protected.

"The budget has formulated giving importance on containing price inflation because of the rising trend of import bases price inflation due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and disruption of the global supply chain," she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also Leader of the House, called upon the countrymen to show austerity in using water and electricity, saying, "We all have to show austerity and make savings to the best of our ability to get ourselves protected."

The Prime Minister asked all to make savings and thus contribute to the national savings alongside reducing all the unnecessary expenses and cancel purchasing import based luxurious goods and attach priority to buy only the necessary goods.

She said her government has been able to give such a large budget of Tk 6,78064 crore amidst the adverse situation that arose out of Coronavirus and the Russia-Ukraine war.