Monday, 8 August, 2022

CPD for strengthening IMED for proper implementation of projects

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) underscored the need for strengthening and decentralising the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) to ensure the proper implementation of the infrastructure projects under the Annual Development Programme (ADP).

The think tank recommended introducing monitoring and evaluation cells in all of the ministries and divisions.

The recommendation came from a dialogue titled "Public Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh: Ensuring Good Value for Money" arranged by the CPD in partnership with The Asia Foundation (TAF) at a hotel in the city. 

CPD Distinguished Fellow Professor Dr Mustafizur Rahman presented the keynote speech at the event and recommended decentralising the IMED at the divisional level.

He said physical, social and digital infrastructure will play a critically important role as Bangladesh prepares for graduation.
Investment in infrastructure projects leads to enhanced productivity, higher competitiveness, reduced transportation costs, access to greater social services, and closer integration with regional and global markets, he added

He also said that Bangladesh requires an additional $928.48 billion to meet the SDGs, while more than 73 percent of the additional resources are required for developing infrastructure.

"Tk1 additional public investment attracts a Tk4 investment from the private sector. But the phase of infrastructure projects implementation fails to meet the challenges," he added. 

Dr Mustafiz urged the government to engage the stakeholders and the tentative beneficiaries of any project in the stage of preparation and implementation to ensure the best return from the project.

 He also recommended strengthening citizens' engagement in monitoring and evaluation.

He highlighted strengthening IMED's institutional capacity to enable it to deliver mandated support (about 123 posts out of 338 remain vacant in the IMED) and recommended enhancing human resources.

"Put in place a dedicated laboratory for testing quality of construction works in the IMED," he said, recommending introducing monitoring and evaluation cells in all the ministries and divisions.