Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

Bangladesh, US celebrate “50 years of food and friendship”

Bangladesh and the United States (US) together have celebrated “50 Years of Food and Friendship” by organizing two–day US-Bangladesh virtual market showcase.

“The showcase offered U.S. exporters an opportunity to meet with Bangladeshi distributors and importers of consumer-oriented food and beverage products,” a press release issued by US embassy said today.

In 2020, Bangladesh imported over $1 billion of agricultural and food products from the United States, it added. 

US Embassy Chargé d'Affaires Helen LaFave and Administrator of the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service Daniel Whitley were present during the inaugural session of virtual market held from June 21 to 22.

“I am pleased demand is growing for U.S. products in Bangladesh’s expanding food sector, as consumers recognize the high quality of our products and the reliability of our companies,” said LaFave. 

She said the US market share would keep growing because American industry is continuously innovating to serve customers better, both in Bangladesh and around the globe, and provide affordable and healthy food.

The US exporters are looking to Bangladesh as a new market for exporters of tree nuts, bakery ingredients, snacks, fruit juices, and condiments, especially as the economy and middle-class grows and consumption patterns shift to higher value products, said the release.

This event was the first of its kind in Bangladesh while Bangladeshi young population increases consumer spending on food and restaurants, it added.

In addition to this virtual market showcase, the embassy said, the US Foreign Agricultural Service is conducting other activities, such as trade capacity building programs and exchange programs, to build and strengthen commercial ties between Washington and Dhaka.