Friday, 1 July, 2022

Different arrangement of Yamaha on World Motorcycle Day

Different arrangement of Yamaha on World Motorcycle Day

Motorcycle is an essential and important vehicle to reach people to their destination in a short period to time. Motorcycle use is increasing in line with the demand day by day worldwide. As a result, the market of Motorcycle is growing commercially. According to our economic and social circumstance two wheelers is increasing at a remarkable rate with the increase of economic capacity of Bangladesh.

 When the people had been suffering dreadfully in pandemic situation, then Motorcycle played cooperative role of emergency transport and other services. In short form can say, Motorcycle became an affordable vehicle saving time and cost at present.

Even there are various benefits of Motorcycles but the rider should be more careful in some extend. An exchange of views discussion meeting was organized on June 21 at the Mohakhali Bus Terminal in association with Yamaha Riders Club (YRC) to find out how to reduce these accidents and how to make vehicles and road safer with the cooperation of Yamaha Riding Academy on World Motorcycle Day with the slogan of “Safe Road For All” powered by Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA). Motorcycle riders and Bus drivers have participated in the discussion meeting. Japanese trainer and technicians of Yamaha Riding Academy were also attended the program and shared their experiences and skills. Besides, people are selecting Motorcycle as a demand of time to reach to their destination in context of excess massive traffic jam.

At the end of the discussion, everyone mentioned and recommended few guidelines which includes: abide by traffic rules, keeping driving license while driving, driving in right lane, follow speed limit and other instructions indicated. Wearing helmet on a Motorcycle, vehicle servicing and maintenance on a regular basis, taking break in between while long drive, create separate lane for Motorcycle only in the big cities including Dhaka.

Yamaha Riders Club is the biggest biking group in the country comprise with young and energetic riders has been working overall and various communal and humanitarian activates from the point of social responsibility. Besides, Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) is working to create dependable and skill Motorcycle riders. Yamaha Riders Club has arranged this meeting of Motorbike riders and Bus drivers as a part of continues activities.