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Omnipatient Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib

  • Haider Mohammad Jitu
  • 6th June, 2022 05:36:46 PM
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Omnipatient  Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib

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The play Nora (A Dolls' House) by Henrik Ibsen, the father of modern drama, is a song about breaking the shackles of women in the society of that time. Nora left the house by trampling on the temptation-subjugation of her husband by the patriarchal social system. The issue is enviable because the power structure was still male-centric and it was challenging to dismiss it. There are such inspiring names in the East or in Bengal as in the West. However, their context and style of work are different and there is a reluctance to admit it here in the rules of the world.

Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib is the name of such inspiration for Bengal and Bengalis. In the absence of Bangabandhu's family, moral education of children and inflexible self-confidence, Behula has taken the party and the country forward with everything like a single floating journey. After being released from her house on Dhanmondi Road No. 28 on December 17, inspired by a frenzy of eight (also called nine) Sanskrit dramas, she pulled down the flag of Pakistanis flying in the house, tore it into pieces and set it on fire.

Begum Mujib handled everything with more tact during the whole period of liberation war. After the arrest of Bangabandhu on March 25, she replied to the financial assistance of the Pakistani intelligence agencies that their own money was deposited in the bank. All you need is Mujib's signature. A few days later, a check with Bangabandhu's signature arrived. This gave her the mental certainty that Bangabandhu was alive.

Not only that, the 3 books on Bangabandhu's life and struggle are available today due to the intelligence of Begum Mujib. After the start of the genocide on March 25, Begum Mujib was asked to send her children to school from the house number 18 in Dhanmondi to show that everything was fine in the world. Begum Mujib said that the children's book was in the house of Dhanmondi 32. After that, the eldest daughter, Sheikh Hasina, had been informed of the tricks and brought the writings of Bangabandhu's note-book and hid them in the hanging shield of Sheikh Moni's house to avoid the detective activities. It today is expressed in the affection of his daughter and is universally admired.

In the assessment of Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib, Begum Sufia Kamal said, "When it comes to Mujib, we have to talk about Mujib's wife. Very few women are so patient, so calm, so devoted. He spent most of the year in prison. Whenever I heard that Mujib had been taken away, I ran away and saw that Mujib's wife was making arrangements to send clothes, bed and pillows. And said, your brother has gone to jail. Begum Mujib has been very patient."

Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib never discouraged Bangabandhu even though she left power and happiness and got involved in the cycle of responsibility. On the contrary, when Bangabandhu left the ministry and took charge of the party, Fazilatunnesa Mujib paid attention and tidied up the house with the intention of leaving the government house. In the absence of her husband, she helped the sick Awami League leaders and workers. She managed their medical treatment and home market. In doing so, she sometimes sold her own jewelry. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib has sold refrigerators brought from America to run her family. She explained to the children that if they drink water from the fridge, they will catch a cold.

She had built herself as a human being without touching the irresponsible flames of power-centered behavior and had lived a simple life herself. To reduce family cost, she served khichuri and pickles to her children and said, we don't have to eat rice every day. She has laid bricks and watered the walls to save the cost of the house. In a word, omnipotence. But there is no end to the glamour in the lives of the wives of heads of state around the world. In this case, she is the different.

Bangabandhu has been able to go so far because of Fazilatunnesa's endurance. Although the patriarchal eye would still want to address her as wife or Begum Mujib, she herself was a conscientious political activist and played a unique role in implementing the ideologies of Bangabandhu. Sheikh Mujib's release on parole in the Agartala conspiracy case, starting from the attempts to take 6 points to 8 points, Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib has stopped all conspiracies as a shadow.

Agartala conspiracy case is an example of her endurance. She replied that she would be a widow if she did not compromise with the case, adding that 34 out of 35 people in the case were married. So, I would not be a widow alone. Her behaviour was greeted with such a bright light. In other words, like Nora written by Ibsen, Bangamata is a reflection of the pioneering, fiery dream of today's broken song.

Author: Haider Mohammad Jitu

Secretary of Training, Bangladesh Students' League