Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Govt formulates Charcoal Policy, 2022

The Ministry of Textiles and Jute has formulated the 'Charcoal Policy, 2022' to make the export-oriented charcoal industry an environment-friendly, sustainable and international standard one.

Considering the national interest, the government has formulated the Charcoal Policy, 2022 so that charcoal made from jute tricks and other materials and related industries could be flourished in the country, a ministry press release said.

Charcoal production from jute has created a new possibility for multiple use of jute. Charcoal is prepared by burning, cooling and compressing jute sticks at a specific temperature.

At present, charcoal is being produced in about 40 factories in several districts, including Faridpur, Rajbari and Magura. Currently, the country is earning about Taka 40 crore by exporting around 7,071 tonnes of charcoal per year. 

Apart from increasing export earnings and revenue by increasing charcoal production, there is a possibility of creating employment opportunities for about 20,000 people directly and indirectly in the country, the release said.