Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Snigdha is new heroine of Siam

Snigdha is new heroine of Siam

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Model Snigdha Chowdhury is all set to make her debut in big screen with the film ‘Rasta’. Poramon-famed director Raihan Rafi is directing the movie. Snigdha will be seen acting in the film opposite popular actor Siam Ahmed in the film.  

 Both Snigdha Chowdhury and production house Jaaz Multimedia have confirmed the news. 

Snigdha said, “Rasta is my first film. I want to work in film industry regularly. Please keep me in your prayers.”

“About six months ago, Snigdha signed a deal with us for the movie ‘Rasta’. She has also taken acting training under the supervision of Jaaz Multimedia. The shooting of the movie will begin from next month,” shared production house Jaaz Multimedia on its Facebook page on Wednesday. 

Siam Ahmed signed deal for ‘Rasta’ on October 19 in 2021.

Earlier, Siam Ahmed acted in ‘Poramon-2’ and ‘Dohon’ under the direction of Raihan Rafi.