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Russia 'may target Slovakia next'

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  • 26th May, 2022 06:31:40 PM
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Russia 'may target Slovakia next' - as Putin's 'elite' airborne forces involved in 'several tactical failures'

Slovakia warns that Vladimir Putin will not stop at Ukraine and that it could be next; the first ship is to leave Mariupol since Ukraine lost control of the port city; Russia's "elite" airborne forces involved in "several notable tactical failures", the MoD says.

Slovakia's prime minister has warned his country could be next if Russia successfully occupies Ukraine.

Speaking to Sky News in Davos, Eduard Heger said: "First of all it's important that they are our neighbours and we are fully with them, that they will win and they keep their democracy and their sovereignty.

"Second they're our neighbours and it's very important that our neighbours are stable and prosperous.

"And thirdly we are next in the round. If they fail we know that Russia will go further so this is really very vital and we have to understand, especially in the European Union."

Source SkyNews