Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Turning waste into resources: DSCC, DNCC to collect dry, wet waste separately

Dhaka city corporations will introduce a pilot programme in four areas of the capital very soon to collect dry and wet solid waste separately.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) aimed at ensuring recovery of resources out of waste, optimum use of landfill, boosting recycle market and its economy and cleanliness of the capital through the programme.

Officials at the DSCC and DNCC waste management department said they will start the practice soon in Lalbag, Dhanmondi, Niketon and Uttara sector 4 areas and continue it for six months to a year.

Primarily, the city corporations collect waste in the segregated manner in 406 and 1,324 households respectively and later it will be introduced in the whole area in the two city corporations if the piloting  becomes successful, they also said.

Talking to the Daily Sun, DSCC Executive Engineer Sufiullah Siddik Bhuiyan said, “We will provide green and black bins to keep wet and dry waste separately. The remains of vegetables, fish, meat and other kitchen items which is called organic waste  will be kept in green bin while the paper, glass, plastic bottles, papers and others recyclable and reusable dry times will be kept in black bin.”

He said meanwhile, they have trained up buildings owners, care takers, tenants, house maid and waste collectors regarding waste segregation and its benefit.

“We’ll collect wet waste every day and dry waste once in a week. We’ll take wet waste in secondary transfer station from household but the dry waste will be taken in scrap markets directly.

“Of the collected solid waste, only 10- 15 per cent is dry waste.  Out if it, we can use only 4-5 per cent waste through informal and the rest of it go to the landfill. If we can ensure proper collection of the waste the recycle industry will grow. If the industry grows, people will not dump the waste on water bodies, rather they will collect and sell it for making money,” he added.

DNCC officials said segregation of waste is important for them because they are going to generate electricity from waste setting up an incineration plant in the lone landfill of the city corporation at Aminbazar. 

They also said they start the practice with the relatively posh neighborhood of Uttara sector-4 and Niketon. They have a plan to collect in a specially mechanised van.

DNCC Superintending Engineer SM Shafiqur Rahman said, “We planned the pilot programme to collect waste in a segregated manner back in 2020 but it got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He hoped that they can start the programme soon.