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Vegetables, eggs price rise in Dhaka kitchen market

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  • 20th May, 2022 07:31:06 PM
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Vegetables, eggs price rise in Dhaka kitchen market

After increasing price of various essential commodities, vegetables and eggs price have also increased in the kitchen market of the capital.

But, the price of onion has dropped within a week.

Due to increase of price, some vegetables price have touched at Tk100 per kilogram while the price of some vegetables is nearly at Tk100 per kg.

Prices of remaining vegetables remain high in the market. There is very few vegetables below Tk50.

Carrots are being sold at the highest price for Tk80-Tk120 per kg which was Tk60-Tk70 per kg a week ago.

In addition, traders are selling brinjal and balsome apple at Tk60-Tk80 while green papaya is being sold at Tk60-Tk70 per kilogram. Moreover, tomato is being sold at Tk 50-Tk60.