Sunday, 3 July, 2022

Govt fixes transport tolls for using Padma Bridge

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 17th May, 2022 04:47:01 PM
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The government has fixed tolls for different types of vehicles to use the much-talked-about Padma Bridge likely to be opened in June. 

According to the chart of the Bridge Division, a big bus will count Tk 2,400 to cross the bridge, three XL truck Tk 5,500. Besides, toll for motorcycle has been set at Tk 100. 

Determining the tolls for vehicles, a gazette notification was issued on Tuesday.

To cross the bridge, a car or zeep will spend Tk 750, pick-up Tk 1,200 and microbus Tk 1,300.

A bus (31 seats) will pay Tk 1,400, medium-sized bus (32 seats or more) Tk 2,000, and big-bus (three-XL) will require Tk 2,400. 

Meanwhile, a small truck (5 tonnes) will be charged Tk 1,600, medium-size (over 5 tonnes and highest 8 tonnes) truck Tk 2,100, medium-sized (over 8 tonnes and highest 11 tonnes) truck Tk 2,800, truck (up to three XL) Tk 5,500, trailer (4XL) Tk 6,000, and trailer exceeding 4 XL will pay additional Tk 1,500 per XL.