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Elephant's fight with human for mattress

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  • 17th May, 2022 04:32:07 PM
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Elephant's fight with human for mattress

Elephants are known to be quite friendly with humans, and a viral video that has been shared on social media shows a funny exchange between a baby elephant and its keeper. Shared by the Twitter account of Dr. Samrat Gowda, an Indian Forest Officer, the video has been viewed over a 150,000 times. Dr. Gowda, who shares a lot of heartwarming animal videos on his Twitter account, shared the clip with the caption “Hey That's My bed..get up..”

The clip starts with the baby elephant struggling to cross over the fence. Due to an elephant's naturally large size, they are unable to jump which causes the baby animal to struggle to get past the fencing. Once it gets past it though, it seems to go straight for the mattress the zoo keeper is lying on.

The elephant immediately tries to get the “sleeping” man off, while the keeper jokingly attempts to share the mattress with the animal before being forced to get up. The keeper, however, does not give up and lies down on the mattress once again sending the elephant face first into a pile of leaves in the corner.

Finally, the man decides to share the mattress with the elephant and can be seen cuddling up next to it, while clasping and embracing it from one side.

Many internet users were delighted by the display of human-animal friendship with one user commenting, “This is the sweetest thing ever”. Another internet user had a funnier take to the incident and addressed the zoo keeper by saying, “Lucky she didn't sit on him”.

Source: NDTV