Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Woman suffers 'panic attacks' after man sat behind her on bus and cut off her hair

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  • 11th May, 2022 03:55:59 PM
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A woman is suffering from panic attacks after a man cut a chunk of her hair off while sitting behind her on a bus.

Jessie Thomas, from Ingleby Barwick, in North Yorks, is too frightened to get on a bus again after the incident on February 12.

The 24-year-old only realised her hair had been hacked off when she returned home from work in Middlesbrough that night.

The hairdresser realised that a bizarre 'Velcro sound' she had heard on the bus was the man cutting her hair, TeessideLive reports.

She had noticed the man move three rows forward and sit in the seat behind just before the incident.
He followed her after they both got off at Middlesbrough Bus Station, but hurried away when she "turned and looked at him".

Cleveland Police has confirmed a 24-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident, but the case was closed "pending any further information coming to light".

Jessie says she wants the man who cut her hair brought to justice.

"I'd been working a shift at Ku in Stockton the night before and I was tired," she told Teesside Live.

"I got on a bus and was half asleep, when you're not nodding off but you are not quite there. A lad who got on the bus before me sat three rows back got up and moved right behind me.

"I thought 'this is really weird' considering the bus was pretty much empty. But we get told a lot that we are being paranoid - don't we - so I was like 'it doesn't matter, it's fine'.

"I got off and was walking round the bus station, a lot of people go straight through Poundland.

"This lad was being a bit weird, so instead I walked the long way round.

"I was staring at him in windows, he was very close to me. I moved to one side and turned and looked at him, all of a sudden he took massive steps and carried on walking.

"I got to work and thought 'you know what, it's just some creepy guy it's over and done with'." It wasn't until Jessie got home later and was getting ready for another shift at the club when she noticed her hair.


Source: Mirror