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University Administration and Teachers’ Groupings

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  • 22nd April, 2022 08:52:38 PM
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University Administration and Teachers’ Groupings

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Now all you hear about is cheers for BCS. The question is why are university graduates and the younger generation coming to BCS while the country has so many sectors to choose from. It is simple: respect, power, fame, etc. Students read BCS test guides when I teach them in the classroom. They do not focus in class. I am disappointed because students are no longer learning for knowledge but for getting a job. So, the government should consider this and establish policies in line with global education planning.

My family would say teaching is a wonderful profession. This issue became clearer once I entered college and university. I saw increased respect for teachers. Other countries treat teachers with more respect and opportunity. However, our country has some other jobs with offer greater financial and political influence. Due to this, today, meritorious people are getting prepared for BCS jobs in Admin Cadre even after studying medicine or engineering, which is a waste of government money.

Inequality should be avoided in all professions. The government should create a separate pay scale for teachers that does not compare to other professions. If it happens, it will attract meritorious students to the teaching profession. It is a fantastic idea to get the university's best students interested in this career as without education, no development can last. The government is trying, but I believe teaching should be attractive by introducing new facilities. Reducing inter-cadre inequality in BCS is becoming undeniable which will allow meritorious students to good use their knowledge and skills in the subject they are studying.

Some teachers lost respect. We are saddened by the media's reports of their involvement in different unethical and illegal actions. A newspaper recently revealed a piece of news of a clash between two groups of public university teachers on Independence Day. At the University's Shaheed Memorial, professors from Bangabandhu Parishad and Bangabandhu Parishad Teachers' Unit locked in a clash. Teachers embarrass themselves in front of students. What did the country witness, and what did our students learn? Those responsible for the turmoil on National Day must be investigated. This is the final form of teacher filth. The way the teachers go to assault each other and jump off the chairs is what happens in political rallies.

Such types of occurrences are not new. In the past, the same sort of incident happen in the Pabna University of Science and Technology when the teachers went to give flowers at Shaheed Bedi on Victory Day on December 16, 2020. Conflicts between the two groups damaged the bouquet at one point. My workplace, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, too feared such a circumstance. But senior teachers resolved it. All the aforementioned are regrettable and tragic. But why does this happen?

This is a conflict of interest and a result of grouping. While not all teachers are involved in such chaos, some are. But the university's authorities are apathetic. They are not doing enough. Teachers' Associations are disappearing in many universities because administrators ignore them and govern the university on the words of their choice, causing turmoil. But the teachers' association is a democratic entity that represents all teachers and seeks to run the university smoothly. The teachers' association should work with the vice-chancellor to establish openness in university law and government funding.

What message did you give to the nation on Independence and Victory Day? Celebrating Independence and Victory Day is a matter of our pride. Bangabandhu loved teachers very much. We who cherish the consciousness of Bangabandhu will tell them to refrain from such dirty deeds. Those of us in the teaching profession should act like actual teachers whom students may look up to.

There are many reasons behind the turbulent environment prevailing in the university. There are allegations of the division of opinion among teachers and a lack of transparency in teacher recruitment. Due to the opacity of teacher recruitment, many less qualified people are recruited. There are allegations that they later became involved in such activities because they think of teaching as a job similar to other sectors. Therefore, those who come to teaching should fulfil the responsibility of this profession with heart and a great vow. The government should formulate a transparent policy on teacher recruitment, which all public universities will be bound to follow. In many universities, vice-chancellors hire teachers with special qualifications, an old allegation, which is by no means logical at present. There is no substitute for adequate investment in education if national development is sustainable.

The only way to secure this return on investment is to hire experienced teachers. The government must appoint a competent, honest, ethical, and qualified vice-chancellor. Vice-Chancellors should be investigated and prosecuted if they are involved in corruption or financial irregularities. Another factor for the uneasy atmosphere in universities is students misbehaving with teachers. The authorities should be strict about that issue. Many "great academics" do not want to be university vice-chancellors, according to the education minister. True. But why has this been happening should be investigated. Various unethical and undemocratic demands are made on the Vice-Chancellor (VC). Many competent educators refuse to bow to selfish people's undemocratic demands. So, they do not want to be VCs. To nominate a VC, academic excellence such as publication in reputed international journals, research skills, social development role, teaching leadership, liberation war philosophy, and administrative experience should be properly assessed because the Vice-Chancellor oversees the university's overall affairs as well as academic matters. Overall, teachers' words and actions should be more socially acceptable.

The writer is an Associate Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh