Sunday, 29 May, 2022

DU Fine Arts ready to bring out joyful ‘Mangal Shobhajatra’

DU Fine Arts ready to bring out joyful ‘Mangal Shobhajatra’

 Dhaka University Fine Arts Faculty has almost completed all out preparations to celebrate the Pohela Boishakh, the first day of Bengali new year, by bringing out the UNESCO recognized traditional Mangal Sovajatra with a new look and from a new place.
“We have had a really tough time in the last two years and that is why we want to eradicate all the negativity from our lives right now and thus, a line of Rajanikanta Sen’s poem ‘Nirmolo Koro Mongolo Kore Molino Mormo Muchhaye’, has been selected as theme of the year which represents a prayer for peace,” Fine Arts Faculty Dean Professor Nisar Hossain told journalists. 

Nisar Hossain said the procession will uphold the country’s folklore, culture and heritage while important motifs of 32 years of the Mangal Sovajatra celebration of the faculty will comprise the procession.
This year, the Shobhajatra, will start at 9am from Sarakdeep area of the university's Teacher-Student Centre and end at the same place after parading the memory eternal premises , instead of the TSC to Shahbagh route as the road in front of Fine Arts Faculty has been narrowed due to the ongoing construction work of Metro Rail, he added. 
This well-decorated carnival with colourful larger-than-life banners and animal replicas has been an integral part of Bangladeshi culture since 1989 and became a signature event that represents folk motifs of the country’s traditions. 
"We did a symbolic program last year, but this year, it will be on a large scale and five bamboo structures have been built in the theme of our folk art,” said Farhad Hossain Sujan, one of the conveners of the organizing committee.
There will be four large four motifs – Tepa Putul, Fish, Bird and a horse—in the procession along with ten large motif masks and chorki (wheelbarrow), which will be displayed during the procession, said Prosenjit Bhadra, a student of paint making department. 
In the Shobhajatra, three large bird motifs will be placed inside three circles, and the largest one will be seen flying freely on the top with its wings spread wide, he added. 
Owls, birds, hand fans, colorful masks, and other items that are also part of Bangladeshi folk art will also be displayed in the procession, he said, adding, “There will be 40-50 small motif masks for the organizers.”
This year, this event is being organized by the students of 22nd and 23rd batches. But students from all batches, artists, and teachers, are working together in a celebratory spirit.
On March 31, renowned painter Shahabuddin Ahmed inaugurated the preparation work.
No one will be allowed to wear or carry any kind of mask except the masks made by the Fine Arts Faculty on campus on that day, said a university press release. 
No organization or institution will be allowed to continue their program after 5pm on the day while no individual will be allowed to enter the campus after 5pm.

Besides, private transport without carrying the stickers of the university will not be allowed inside the campus from 7pm on April 13 considering the security issues.

Everyone has been requested to minimize gatherings on the day, considering the health guidelines and ongoing construction of Metro Rail in the area.