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Imran Khan's party decides to quit assemblies on Monday

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  • 10th April, 2022 08:40:25 PM
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Imran Khan's party decides to quit assemblies on Monday

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday said the PTI has decided to resign en masse from the assemblies and the process to quit assemblies will start from the National Assembly on Monday, reports The Express Tribune. 

In a tweet, Fawad, who served as an information minister in Imran Khan's cabinet, said, "The PTI has decided to resign from assemblies. This process [of resignations] will start from National Assembly tomorrow after the election of the prime minister."

Meanwhile, speaking to the media in Islamabad following a meeting of the PTI’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), Fawad said the CEC meeting at Bani Gala analysed the political situation after the ouster of Imran Khan through a no-confidence motion.

Fawad said the CEC suggested resignations en masse from the lower house of parliament if PTI’s reservations regarding the nomination of PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif as the PM remained unaddressed. “If our reservations on Shehbaz are not addressed, we will resign en masse on Monday,” he added.

Fawad claimed that it was a “great injustice” that Shehbaz will be contesting the election for the post of the PM on the same day as his indictment in a money laundering case.

The former federal minister said the PTI fielded Shah Mahmood Qureshi for the post of the premier because it wanted to challenge the nomination papers filed by the PML-N president.

He said what could be more humiliating than making Shehbaz the head of a government that was “imported”.

Fawad further said the CEC was unanimous that the ouster of Imran Khan was a “very big conspiracy”. He termed it a “foreign regime change operation” and said that the PTI “rejected” it. “The entire nation expects leadership from Imran Khan,” he added.

Meanwhile, ex-PM and PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted alleging a foreign conspiracy behind his ouster from the top post. He said, "...the freedom struggle begins again today against a foreign conspiracy of regime change."

Separately in a message, Sheikh Rashid said he will express gratitude to the voters who made him a minister 16 times in an address at Lal Haveli at 9:30 pm on Sunday.

“I will make an important address today,” he said, adding that Awami Muslim League which stood by Imran for four years will also announce its “policy decision”. “If PTI decides to resign en masse then after consulting my people I will also resign,” he added.

He said he was thankful to people who made a “common citizen like him” a minister time and again.