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OPPO F21 Pro emerges as country’s first SONY IMX709 flagship selfie revolution

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  • 5th April, 2022 05:14:19 PM
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OPPO F21 Pro emerges as country’s first SONY IMX709 flagship selfie revolution

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A smartphone is construed as world of miniature. The magnificent feature and exciting quality of a smartphone lie in its capacity to immortalise our near and dear ones by its audio-video applications. In fact, a smartphone has replaced traditional camera.

In a follow-up to this technology, OPPO F21 Pro has emerged as Bangladesh’s first SONY IMX709 Flagship Selfie Revolution.

Experts are of the opinion that OPPO F21 Pro is marriage between cutting-edge camera innovations and top-notch selfie features.

Over the years, smartphones have truly come a long way from increasing the low-light performance to providing enhanced features with a luxurious multi-camera set-up at the back, they said.

Nowadays, smartphones have become our primary camera, making photo quality a priority. In fact, smartphones have effectively replaced point-and-shoot cameras, outperforming traditional cameras at ease, they added.   

The Salient features are as follows:

A stellar picture produced by a smartphone camera combines several hardware and software features. One of the crucial causes behind a high-quality photo is its megapixel, meaning the resolution in which the camera captures the image. However, a higher megapixel does not necessarily make a camera great, as there are other essential elements that work in tandem to achieve a beautiful image at the end. Smartphones consist of many other key components other than the resolution that eventually helps in producing remarkable pictures. 

The Revolutionary IMX709 First Time in Bangladesh in F21 Pro

Keeping this ideology in mind, OPPO will be launching the latest OPPO F21 Pro on April 10, 2022, to assist tech-savvy users who are continuously seeking exceptional photography features in a smartphone camera. The device primarily focuses on IMX709 and RGBW Sensor technology. IMX709 is the country’s first SONY IMX709 Selfie Sensor designed by OPPO and manufactured by SONY. For the first time, the IMX709 sensor introduces significantly improved and unique features to the front camera.

Increase of Lights in the Sensor Benefits the F21 Pro’s Selfie Performance

Gathering enough light through the image sensor is critical to obtaining sharper, clearer, and brighter images. Through its extensive research into sensor technology, OPPO has constantly been searching for innovative ways to deliver the highest quality images.

One such approach to this is the adoption of an RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) pixel design. In fact, OPPO was already using RGBW sensor designs as far back as 2015, through which it was able to increase light sensitivity by as much as 32%. In 2019, OPPO’s imaging R&D team was inspired by a paper on a Quadra Binning approach involving adding two white sub-pixels to each red, green, and blue pixel so that each pixel would be capable of detecting both their respective ‘colored’ signals and the brighter full spectrum of the white signals. In the paper, the research team also applied DTI (Deep Trench Isolation) technology so that each pixel could function independently without influencing its neighbors.

Following three years spent developing and refining the RGBW technology and the tireless efforts of overa hundredOPPO imaging engineers, OPPO finally achieved the breakthrough it was searching for, acquiring 87 patents in the process.

Evolution of Selfie Camera in F21 Pro

OPPO is revolutionizing and redefining the use of selfie cameras by ensuring accurate exposure and vivid details, mainly when users shoot in backlit environments. Additionally, OPPO F21 Pro will also allow users to take clear selfies in dim or backlit environments from any preferred angle and place.

This IMX709 &RGBW boasts a groundbreaking pixel array design withwhite pixels. The IMX709 will be able to capture 60 percent more light than standard RGBW sensors while reducing noise by up to 35 percent, delivering more precise and brighter images in low-light conditions.

F21 Pro Optimize the selfie performance with a self-developed RGBW technology

One of the major improvements noted in the smartphone is the selfie camera quality. Through the self-developed RGBW technology, OPPO is optimizing the selfie camera quality and performance by a great mile!

A camera is, without a doubt, one of the most significant factors for modern smartphone users. The new OPPO F21 Pro is taking the camera feature to the next level by allowing users to capture memorable moments regardless of the environment and situation. 

Selfie HDR on F21 Pro for A Sharper, Brighter, Natural Selfie

The selfie HDR on F21 Pro is based on the IMX709 capability and incorporates the AI HDR solution, integrating both hardware and software. OPPO F21 Pro’s Selfie HDR function and the IMX709 sensor allow users to happily click sharper, brighter, and more natural-looking selfies even in a strong backlight. OPPO F21 Pro does this by incorporating various complex algorithms to ensure that the device is producing the best possible selfie image.