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Humanity and Motherhood

  • Shahana Choudhury
  • 22nd March, 2022 05:13:13 PM
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When the world civilisation is reaching up to the sky level, every human being is going only forward and nobody is looking back. Bangladesh is a tiny piece of land in the globe; but the density of population is very high. When we watch this population, can you ever think every human is born from a person whose name is mother? The whole creation is from mother's womb. But where is the most important person, and how is she passing her life at the old age? When she is disabled physically and financially, is she living alone or with someone? It is a very important question for the civilised world, when the human being is claiming that they are fighting for humanity. But the person who is the root of human being; where is she? We never think about this undeniable person. Mother is the most respected person. After the age of sixty, every woman must become weak physically and mentally. Old Mother Care system in Bangladesh is only a few. When we look to our high-economic-class group of people living in the posh areas of the capital city, we can make an idea regarding how the old mothers are surviving.

Most of the mother provided their children with highest quality of education. They have sent their children abroad to earn degrees from famous universities of foreign country. However, many children settle there permanently. They come to the country very rarely to visit their mothers. They send money for their old mothers. Sometimes this money never reaches to their most unlucky mothers. Sometimes their most unlucky mothers get ill-treated from people around her. Maybe they are relatives or staff. So, they are deprived of proper food and treatment. Sometime they get ill behaviour from hospital staff. When we are shouting “we should think that humanity is our first priority”, why the most important human being in the society are being dishonoured and tortured?

When an old mother lives with her children, there is also another type of torture. Mother becomes the questionable person who reared her children so sincerely. Later on, she becomes a burden in her own family. Nobody is there to take care of the mother. They are so busy, cannot spend time for their own mother. When mothers become disabled to move, they have to face untold sufferings from her children. Some children arrange caregivers. Even the caregivers also, most of the time, do not take care sincerely. So, mother is being tortured everywhere, since all the civilised society do not take any responsibility of old disabled mother.

And if we think about poor mothers, we cannot give any solution. Begging is there only solution for them. Nobody knows where they sleep and where they get food. We only give a look with pity. But why, with mother is this disagreeable relationship. However, once this old lady was an important human being with good education, money and well establishment in society. She never ignores her children, when the baby is in mother's womb. After lots of sufferings, the mother gives birth to her children. Then she takes care of the children sincerely. Sometimes mother of middle economic class remains in huge sufferings. She never takes food for her own self. She thinks about proper education for her children. Proper caring, therefore, is tough for middle class family. Most of the mothers have to sacrifice a lot for their children. But after getting old, a mother becomes like a beggar to her own children. Children become selfish and become ungrateful to their own mother.

However, someone needs to be careful and be helpful to those poor mothers. Our government should be kind to those mothers who are living helplessly without treatment, food and proper care. Our shouting about humanity will only then be successful. According to their status, they should be treated by the government and civil society. If they have money, they should have proper caring home, where the old mothers can have food by her money. It is very sad that if we make a survey, it would be found that they are living with their staff or relatives, where they are not safe at all. With this mothers’ contribution, the country is going to be more and more developed. But the mothers are living without any help and with tearful eyes. There is no one to say, “Hi mum are you o.k.” There is none to wipe her tears. It is really painful.

The writer is a retired teacher and writer

Source: Sun Editorial