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Pakistan: Shahid Afridi says PM ‘over-promised’ and ‘over-committed’ before coming into power

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  • 14th March, 2022 04:02:52 PM
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Islamabad, March 13: Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan “over-promised” and “over-committed” before coming to power after the 2018 general elections, Pakistani media reported.

Speaking at an event at Pakistan High Commission, Afridi said that the Pakistani PM should have first come into the government and then made a realistic assessment of the situation.

“He should have come into the government with proper homework and an efficient and sincere team. He still has time to do it,” he said, Geo tv reported.

Responding to a question on the no-confidence motion which was submitted by the opposition in the National Assembly Secretariat on Tuesday, Afridi said, “Politics is a different ball game. It’s so different that Imran Khan had to visit Bahadurabad (MQM’s Karachi office). It’s a totally different ball game. Politics is not about ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ in politics. This country belongs to all. There are good and bad people in both the Opposition and the government. Not everyone is bad, you have to take everyone with you. Pakistan is for all.”

In a recent development, Pakistani’s joint opposition is planning to target the National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser for being neutral on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman exudes confidence in the success of the no-confidence motion as he claimed to have the support of over 172 members in the National Assembly (MNAs), local media reported.

Notably, in order to make the no-confidence motion against the prime minister successful, the joint opposition requires the support of 172 MNAs.

The Opposition parties in Pakistan are jettisoning mutual hatred to oust Imran Khan as they have submitted the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly Secretariat on Tuesday.

However, Imran Khan’s government has exuded confidence to defeat the no-trust motion. (ANI)