Thursday, 1 June, 2023

Sheraspace marks milestone of gender parity in workforce

Sheraspace marks milestone of gender parity in workforce

Sheraspace, a young digital interior design company, has recently celebrated the milestone of achieving a 50-50 male-female ratio in its workforce.

The prop-tech interior design firm, that started its journey in 2019, has successfully achieved gender equality, having over 50% of its 37-member team being occupied by females.

Sheraspace marked the achievement on the occasion of Women’s Day 2022 at its office, said a press release on Thursday.

In a statement on the occasion, the company said Bangladesh has taken strides in empowering women by increasing female employment and reducing the wage gap between males and females.” In order for the momentum to be carried forward, organizations need to channel conscious and strategic efforts in instilling gender equality in the workplace.”

“On the occasion of Women’s Day 2022, Team Sheraspace is proud to share that over 50% of our 37-member team is occupied by females. With equality being one of the core values of our company, Sheraspace has strived to establish a gender-balanced organization with an eye toward staying true to our core beliefs,” it said

The statement said the days of Sheraspace co-founder and CEO, Sarjeena Maodud, being the only female on the team seems long gone and this is a milestone that sets the tone for the company’s growth and future goals. “Our employee-first and people-centric approach to working remains integral to Sheraspace’s culture, as we look to garner more diversity in the team and promote equal gender representation in leadership positions.”

 It said Sarjeena Maodud and Nizam Farid Ahmed aspire to build further upon its progress on the gender-equality front.

“Change begins with you. There was a time when I was the only female on the team and I realized that needed to change. It is definitely a gratifying moment for all of us at Sheraspace to have 50% of its team members are now female. I believe it is reflective of Sheraspace’s values of inclusivity and equality.” said Sarjeena Maodud.

 She added, “The work doesn’t end here though. It is important that we build further upon this and empower and promote more female participation in leadership positions in our company.”

 According to the World Economic Forum, the private sector will remain a powerful partner in enhancing gender equality. Hence measures taken by private Bangladeshi organizations in ensuring gender equality is crucial to the country’s economic advancement. Efforts in ensuring gender-balance in private organizations shall thus serve as a powerful means of contribution to Bangladesh’s economic growth.