Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Quader urges businesspeople to refrain from making hefty profits

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader urged the business community to refrain from doing hefty profits making the people hostage during the month of Holy Ramadan.
"We urge the business community not to be greedy and not to pocket hefty profits making the people hostage during the Holy Ramadan. All must remain alert against illegal hoarding, storage and syndication," said Obaidul Quader at a press conference at his secretariat office here.
He said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not accept the existence of any anti-people syndicate in the market and she would not also tolerate the syndication.
"We urge the businesspeople, who try to create instability in the market targeting the month of Holy Ramadan, to refrain from carrying out any anti- people activities, including market manipulation," he added.
In the present changing world, activities of a country affect other countries as well, he said, adding that abnormal price hikes of some commodities in the international market due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis has influenced the market globally and consequently, prices of some commodities have also increased in Bangladesh.  
"It is a matter of hope that the government of Sheikh Hasina did not remain silent about any issue that creates a problem for the people. She would not sit idle this time also....she would take necessary steps to protect the countrymen," said Quader.
Quader said the government has already intensified the selling of essential commodities in the open market through the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh to bring stability in the market and if necessary, it would be expanded further.
"There is no shortage of essential commodities in the country and there would be no shortfall in supply also during the upcoming Holy Ramadan," he assured the countrymen.
He said despite having enough stocks of essential commodities, some businesspeople create an artificial crisis during Ramadan and other occasions. The government is alert against this dishonest clique, he added.
"We won't allow any dishonest clique to manipulate prices of commodities during the month of Ramadan . . . the commerce ministry has already taken various steps, including beefing up the market monitoring," he said.